Referrals and Credits

Invite friends --> Earn credits! When you invite friends to join WriterDuet, you both receive $10 in credit. Your account can receive up to $100 in credit. That's a year of Pro! 

Share Your Personal Referral Link

  1. Select Help > Referrals
  2. Select Copy your link
  3. Share this link with friends via email or social media!
    1. Receive credits when your friends sign up for a free WriterDuet account.

Use a Referral Link

This link can only be used to create new accounts.

  1. Once you've receives the referral link from a friend, paste the link into your browser's address bar
  2. Follow the steps to create a WriterDuet account
    1. Once your account is created, you will see the credits in your Account Information

Monitor Your Credits

  1. Select Help > Account
    1. The credit balance will display just above your member status.

OR, if you have referral credits

  1. Open the referral link window

Credit Balance in Account Information

Credit Balance and remaining activations

Use Your Credits

All credits are automatically applied to your account once your friends use your link. 

  • Subscribe today!
    • Whether you are starting a subscription or you are already subscribed, these credits will apply to your next invoice. 
    • You will see the available credits when purchasing.
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