Notifications Preferences

Customize your notifications preferences for your profile or based on projects you are collaborating on.

View Your Notifications

Notifications can be viewed in two ways depending on your chosen layout.

Default, Flow, Simplified, and Mobile Layouts

  1. Select your user icon in the bottom-left of the screen.
    1. Notifications will appear as a list in the Notifications widget

Hybrid, Classic, Expanded, and Custom Layouts

  1. Select the notifications bell located in the top-right of the screen. 
    1. Notifications will appear as a list in the Notifications widget

Remove Notifications

  1. Hover over the notification
  2. Select the X over the right-hand corner of the notification

Change Notifications Preferences

  1. Select Customize > Notifications
  2. Check/uncheck the boxes for each notification type as desired
    1. Read-only collaborators do not receive notifications about comments and join updates.

Types of Notifications

The preferences you see below are set by default.

Email Notifications

When receiving several notifications on a project in succession, these are bundled together to reduce the number of separate emails received.

Default Preferences

Project Preferences

These preferences override the Default Preferences.

App Notifications

Flyin notifications appear in the top left of the display. Disable flyin also applies to in-app save notifications. 

Chat Notifications

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