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Need to view two projects or docs at once? Need to see your script on one part of the screen and a large display of the cards next to it? Easy! Open the Split Pane option to customize your workspace and maximize your workflow all in one browser tab!

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Open Split Pane

Split Pane enables you to view two documents in any view side by side. To alter the document's display in split pane, see "Auto-resize editor" in Display Settings

From the Editing Area

  1. Select the Split Pane Icon above the main editing area.
  2. Select the desired view
    1. Open split pane: Page
    2. Open split page: Cards
    3. Open split pane: Mind Map

From the Project Widget

  1. With the Project widget open, right-click on or select the three dots to the right of the desired document
  2. Select Open in Split Pane
    1. If split pane is already open, select Open in Left Pane or Open in Right Pane

Switch Panes

If you would like to rearrange which documents you are viewing on each side, you can drag the document's tab to the desired side.
*Moving the only tab from one area to another will close the area. To keep both panes open, more than one document should be open in the area you are moving a document tab from. 

  1. Click and hold the tab for the document you wish to move
  2. Drag and drop the tab in the desired area

Close Split Pane

  1. Close the tab over the pane you wish to close.
    1. If you want to close the pane but not lose the view, click and drag the tab over the pane you wish to keep over to the pane you are leaving open. This will merge the two panes and you can access each view through their respective tabs. Refresh the page as needed.

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