ReadAloud - Premium Feature

Want to hear your script out loud? Don't have a ton of actor friends to do a reading for you? No worries! ReadAloud allows you to assign voices to each character and play the script's contents aloud.

For quick access to this feature, add it to your Tools widget.

*Note: This feature is available with a Premium subscription. Update your subscription today!

Use ReadAloud

  1. Select Tools > ReadAloud
  2. As needed, edit the playback speed
  3. Select the Play icon
    1. It will begin playing from where your cursor is located in the script
  4. As needed, use the left and right arrows to move forwards and backwards through the script

Change Character Voices

ReadAloud will automatically assign voices based on the document language, character's gender, and character's assessed age.

  1. Select the voice drop-down next to the character you would like to change
  2. Scroll or type to search for the desired voice
    1. The voices are listed in alphabetical order by region/ethnicity
  3. Select the desired voice
    1. The voice will be assigned to that character's dialogue lines throughout the script
    2. It may take a few moments for the voice to fully render

Download ReadAloud Recordings

  1. Select the Download icon
  2. Once the download finishes generating, the audio file will automatically download to your device
    1. You can download previous recordings at any time by selecting View download history

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