Display Settings

Your WriterDuet display is customizable so you can have the color, layout, and viewing options you desire. With so many customization options, it's easy to become overwhelmed. The list below defines all of the customizable options in the Customize > Display menu.

To open the menu select Customize > Display.

If you are looking to change or customize your Layout, see Customize Your Workspace.


Avatar Color
  • Open avatar preferences - This will open your avatar options, where you can switch to your profile photo, change to a different icon, or change the color of the icon. Changing the color also changes the highlight for the line that your cursor/caret is on (which is displayed for both you and collaborators). 
UI Theme
  • Primary Color - This color selection will become the background of all menus, widgets, and the main editing area. We recommend a darker color as it can be easier on the eyes. 
  • Secondary Color - This color selection will apply to most buttons and accent areas. We suggest a color that contrasts with white as the text on all buttons is white. 
  • Display user colors in un-colored comments - When enabled, by default the user avatar color will be used to color comments that have not had a specific color applied to them. 
  • Dark editor - When enabled, the pages of the document will turn from white with black text to dark grey with white text.
  • Auto-resize editor - When enabled, the main editing area will adjust to compensate for the browser window changing in size. This is most effective if the browser window has been narrowed. The full-page and its contents will still be visible. This does not change the page count or how the doc will export. 
  • Show offline users - In the docs widget, user icons will display differently when a collaborator is offiline.
  • Indicate colored pages - On by default, this adds a colored bar to the left side of the page to indicate pages with Revision changes on them.
  • Highlight your line - When enabled, the line which the cursor is currently located on appears highlighted with the color of your user's presence (set under Avatar Color, see above).
  • Highlights others’ lines - When enabled, this highlights the lines that other collaborators are currently working on with their presence color.
  • Highlight hover line - When enabled, hovering over a line will show a lighter version of your user highlight on the line.
  • Highlight comment bubbles- When enabled, this highlights the comment bubbles for better visibility.
Recent changes
  • Show new text in red - Recent edits by collaborators (or that aren't known to the owner) are displayed in red until you see them, and then automatically fade to black. It's really useful and unintrusive, but if you don't like it you can toggle it off with this checkbox. 
  • Show deleted text indicator - Recently deleted text will appear in bubbles so that you can see what was recently deleted. The bubbles will fade away after you see them.
Show icons
  • Note - When enabled, comment bubbles will appear in the left margin. 
  • Collapse/Expand - When enabled, hovering over a scene line will display a small arrow to the left of the line. Selecting this arrow will collapse all of that scene into the single slugline. 

To learn more about the toolbar icons and how to customize your toolbar, see Customize Tools Widget.

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