Open a Project (v6)

We have made some great changes in v7 to managing projects. Check it out!

What does it do?

Ready to start or continue writing? Simply open a new or existing project!

Open a New Project

  1. Select File > New Project
  2. Name the project
  3. Begin the exhilarating process of writing!


  1. Open your Portfolio
    1. The portfolio can be opened through File > Open Project, the folder icon in your display, or through the Portfolio widget (see Open a Widget).
  2. Select New Project
  3. Name the project
  4. Select Open

Open an Existing Project

  1. Select File > Open Project
    1. Shortcut: Cmd/Ctrl+O
    2. This will open your portfolio
  2. Select the project you wish to open
  3. Select Open
    1. Double-clicking the project will also open it. 

Open Your Portfolio

Your portfolio is where you can view and manage all of your projects.

  1. File > Open Project


  1. Cmd/Ctrl+O


  1. Select the folder icon visible in the top right or left sidebar of your display depending on your layout.

Portfolio Folder Icon