WriterDuet for the Classroom

WriterDuet Classroom is a free initiative that provides your classroom (or entire campus) with real-time collaborative and industry-standard formatting for writing screenplays, stageplays, books, AV, and more. 

How it works

1) Instructors apply below.
When approved, instructors receive WriterDuet Pro for free for the semester.
2) Instructors control collaboration.
Instructors can create unlimited projects/folders and add an infinite number of students to collaborate from the Share tab. 
3) Each student signs up for an individual WriterDuet Free account at writerduet.com .
Students can join unlimited projects for free. They can also create up to 3 projects with no limitations on pages or exports and can share read-only projects for feedback. Import/export in formats like PDF, Final Draft, Celtx, and Docx.

Additional Pro licenses are available at 50% off (bulk rates are available)
Contact help@writerduet.com.

For basic formatting guidance, check out the WriterDuet Screenplay Formatting Guide.

Explore this knowledgebase for information on using WriterDuet.

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